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If you go to my other sites, RICHARD WINDSOR and SPANKING PICS, you will see that I am giving away spanking videos today, and even though I don’t exactly have any vintage videos of my own, I do have one where the I spank the delightful Caroline Grey as she is dressed in a 1950’s outfit. This is my way of saying thank you for all of your support. The video is lighthearted and we talk throughout, but on spanking tube the second part of this video has been viewed over half a million times. Enjoy both parts 1 and 2.

Slaves In Bondage

Here is a promo pic for the spanking scene in the 1937 movie ‘Slaves in Bondage’. It isn’t known who the participants are but I aim to find this information out. You can find the film on Youtube or and just so that you know, both girls take turns spanking each other in their lingerie.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album.


Frilly White Knicks

This was one of those Ebay pics that I have sat on for ages, and as I am updating my other blogs today (My main site and my Picture site) I figured I could update this one as well. I don’t have a story for this one, you will just have to go someone else when this is reposted with a fictional tale attached to it.


Over the years I have also collected a bunch of F/M pics where the original goal was to use them in some type of marketing ploy. The thing is though, they will probably never be posted anywhere, not on my sites anyway. So to use them in a marketing manner I will look to improve my Google ranking by using one of my survey’s which are incredibly popular for bringing traffic to this site.

If you are interested in receiving the 14 pics on the sheet shown below and F/M spanking is your thing, they are all regular size added to a ZIP file, then fill out the survey below and leave your email address in the last column. As anyone will attest, I don’t use the emails for spam purposes, I just send people rare pics from time to time on a whim that don’t get posted on this blog.



Hairbrush And Panties

A staple of 1950’s spanking pics, two girls and one of them getting spanked with a hairbrush. Speaking of which, if you want a free 25 minute spanking video download then just follow this link. It is one of my videos and I am giving it away to anyone who wants it. FREE VIDEO.

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See Through Black Nylon Panties

Before I start, I just want to let you all know that I have posted the latest story in my birthday spanking series. This one will be a multi-part story and it begins with the birthday spanking of one girl. In this story the first girl gets a good spanking on the seat of her light blue nylon panties. You can read it here 3 Girls – Part 1

This is a rare set from the 1950’s, especially when you consider this was an age where a girl would have to wear two pairs of panties for photo sets such as these due to the moral code imposed at the time, so this is a unique spanking where you can clearly see through the sheer material that this spanking is given over just the single pair.

Double Undies

With the recent sale of the Irving Klaw collection,I also read that part of the requirements that he had to use due to the government was that all participants were required to wear two pairs of panties for the spanking pics. That would explain the following pics.

Fathers Day Part 1

It’s Father’s day anywhere from Bangladesh to Guyana. You know, there was a time here in the USA that meant every Father’s day morning, dad’s from all over would start the day off right with a good spanking. These are the girls who weren’t as naughty this year and were able to keep their silky white panties on. Later in the week though there will be two more parts where the girls weren’t as lucky. All sites are going to be updated today so look out for the pics.

Vintage White Panties

It’s panty spanking time from the 1950’s. You would be surprised at how difficult it is to find spanking pics from the 1950’s featuring white panties, they are almost always black. Read at the bottom of the pics for details on how to get panty spanking pics emailed to you along with free panty spanking clips from my personal collection.

Now then, I have an awful lot of panty spanking fans who read my blogs. Between this site and my main site there has been 25,000 visitors who have arrived after searching for the word panties in some form. I created this survey specifically for those fans, one to allow them to tell their story (a summary of which will be posted soon) and two, to create an email list where I will not only send panty pics, but I will also send free panty spanking videos from all of the videos that I sell. If I have an interested audience I have no problem giving them away for free. Not the entire video, but at least some of the panty spanking parts from each film, perhaps a minute or so at a time. The email list will be solely used for this purpose and this purpose alone, you have my word. You can unsubscribe from it at any time by simply replying as such when a spanking pic arrives in your email. Filling this survey out is not necessary to get the free stuff, all you need to do is enter your email address in the last box and hit ‘submit’. If people are interested that is what this survey is really about anyway.

Back To The Fifties

You should all know by now that I have taken a break,but now I am back. Here are 6 pics of some lovely ladies from the 1950’s getting their spank on. Don’t forget,my SPANKING PICS site has moved to a new location.

See Through PantiesSee Through Panties

A spanking picture set from the mid 1970’s.

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