Baby Behave

I believe that Chross posted this before, perhaps as individual pics. I don’t have the direct link right now as I have to run to work, but I will be sure to give proper credit when I return home from work tonight.



A Spanking Cartoon

This weeks sorority spanking post is over on my main blog as it is a continuation post from a previous one regarding the Chi Omega Story. I have now purchased the 1941 magazine and if you want to check out the update just CLICK HERE.

So this week I delved into my newspaper archive and dug up a spanking picture from a newspaper story. This appeared in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune in 1931 and the artist was Gladys Parker, the lady who created “Mopsy”. The story is about a business owner who spanks his daughter to prevent her from marrying her beau, I guess you all know how that ends. If you want a PDF copy of the story just let me know.

As I don’t have a special folder for this I will add it to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.


The Spanking Squire

It is hard to believe that this one goes back to 1974 for I remember it clearly. There were several stories that were ran about this gentleman and I am happy to report that I have several of them, with hopefully more to discover. Here is one newspaper article of the spankings that I remember more than the rest. For my entire collection of rare finds visit THIS PAGE and THIS ONE.



A Couple Of Vintage Kiss Me Kate’s

Here are another couple of vintage Kiss Me Kate spanking pics. Both should be new, I’m pretty sure of that 🙂

1965 paper_mill

Weds The Girl He Spanked

Here is a newspaper article from 1954 in which a girl marries the guy who spanked her. There is also a new Real Life story posted on my main blog with 12 pics which you can read here. Ellee’s Story


Vintage Newspaper Ads

To finish up the new year, here are some random ads that have appeared in newspapers over the years. The quality isn’t perhaps the best, but it does show how much more accepted spanking was in days gone past.

This week on my main site there is going to be two cracking pics coming up. On Wednesday for my WEDNESDAY CLASSICS feature I am going to have yet another pic from “Men are like Streetcars“, only this one was done during rehearsals and it is a classic in every sense of the word. And coming next Sunday for my SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S feature, I am going to share with you something really unique. A crystal clear over the knee pic featuring a girl getting spanked with a hairbrush 🙂

Clipboard06 Clipboard19  deb Jefferson City 1933  wayne

At The Movies

Here are a couple of newspaper clippings advertising spanking scenes in mainstream movies. I have a ton of these that I will share over time.

Montana 1971

Yet another unique Kiss me Kate spanking pic.

Robert Goulet Spanks Carol Lawrence

Somewhere out there I will one day find this picture I am sure. I have several copies of this low quality pose as you can see below, but I know that a proper otk spanking picture exists somewhere, and I’m going to find it if it kills me 🙂

The main pic I will add to my Windsor’s Stage Spankings folder.

From Poor To Poorer

Here is a random collection of old newspaper clippings that I paid for. Unfortunately the quality sucks beyond belief, but these articles do have historic importance in the spanking world, so every now and then I will post a grouping of them. Here are four for today.

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