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Two surveys for you to try. The PANTY SPANKING SURVEY and the popular BIRTHDAY SPANKING SURVEY.

Today I was going through my archives to see what I have and what I have not posted. Now I try my hardest to file away all spanking pics that I have posted, so if they are not in the posted folder I believe that I have not shared them before. You may find one or two posted elsewhere if I made a mistake, but I will take the chance that these are new.

Picture postcards from the 1920'sPicture postcards from the 1920’s

As I have mentioned on other blogs,I am off to the ShadowLane party in Las Vegas this weekend. So I am quickly trying to update everything before I go for a week so that you all have something to view in my absence.

Here are 6 beauties from the 1920’s,some even have the dates on them.

This first one is the original pic which has been cropped elsewhere,but I have the original so you can get it in all its glory.

Spanking neighbor’s survey

No one spanks quite like Grandma 😉

Look closely,there is a spanking going on.

Richard Windsor.

Some turn of the century spanking picsSome turn of the century spanking pics

First up we have a 1925 flapper by the name of Amy Cully who it would appear is getting a strap of some kind. Pity the photographers shadow is blocking it somewhat.

There is a story behind this one. 02 Mar 1922,Chicago,Illinois,USA —No more rolled stocking in Chicago. Here’s what happens when a “flapper”is caught wearing rolled stockings in Chicago. Miss Mildred Richards of Evanston started something when she playfully threw popcorn in a Chicago movie house. She was evicted from the theater,and later brought to court for having created a disturbance. Then it was found she had violated a recent edict warning against rolled stockings. Justice Witkower sentenced her to two whacks.

Now here is two postcard pics from the turn of the century,early 1900’s.

And lastly for now,two F/m spanking pics that were posted on ebay this week. The first one is from 1910 and the second one looks to me to be pre 1920’s also.

Richard Windsor

The wonderful 1950'sThe wonderful 1950’s

In what was probably the golden age of spanking,here are some spanking pics from the 1950’s. While some of them are standard fare for the 50’s,the third pic I found to be pretty unique.

Richard Windsor.

Part 2 of the 80's set below.Part 2 of the 80’s set below.

As promised guys,here is the last 6 pics to the set below. Now of course I have ideas as to where I want to go with this site,but I’m also open for suggestions. Is there anything in particular that you want to see next? Feel free to leave me a message either on this post or in the message box to the side there. Don’t worry,I don’t bite…. well,not hard anyway 😉 {Always click each pic for the full sized version}

Richard Windsor.

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