1927 Nate Collier

Apparently it wasn’t unusual for a grown up flapper in the 1920’s to still get a spanking!! Alcohol and cigarettes equal a red bottom in this household.

1927 Nate Colliera

Thanks to everyone who took part in the recent post where I gave away some free streaming videos. In just two weeks Dana Specht and I will be conducting our sixth interview, and all of the feedback that you guys have given, Dana has access to view them all. Our next interview  “Six of the best” should be the best one yet.

There is still time to get free videos if you want them, the survey results will be released in the interview that we make, as well as questions and thoughts taken from them.


I know that the last time I did this the videos ended up on the pirate sites, but whatever. I’m giving them away anyway.

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A Spanking Cartoon

This weeks sorority spanking post is over on my main blog as it is a continuation post from a previous one regarding the Chi Omega Story. I have now purchased the 1941 magazine and if you want to check out the update just CLICK HERE.

So this week I delved into my newspaper archive and dug up a spanking picture from a newspaper story. This appeared in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune in 1931 and the artist was Gladys Parker, the lady who created “Mopsy”. The story is about a business owner who spanks his daughter to prevent her from marrying her beau, I guess you all know how that ends. If you want a PDF copy of the story just let me know.

As I don’t have a special folder for this I will add it to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.


Superman Jack

This was just discovered today on Ebay, now I thought this was going to be a new discovery so I went to the best resource on the Internet for comic book spankings, the Chicago Spanking Review and as I expected, it isn’t new at all, of course he had this one.

Here is Web Ed’s Superman Jack page

Even though this one has been posted, I will still add it here as this is a sharper copy than Web Ed has and hopefully this copy will improve his collection by some small degree.


Some Comics And A Clipping

Here are a couple of old time comics, one featuring Dixie Dugan, and a newspaper clipping where it seems that the husband has a little spanking friend somewhere 🙂

Bill Ward spanking pics from the 1950's.Bill Ward spanking pics from the 1950’s.

While they are buried amongst stacks of other Bill Ward porn pics,I have a ton of his spanking work. Here are a few that I grabbed.

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