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Here are a couple of newspaper clippings advertising spanking scenes in mainstream movies. I have a ton of these that I will share over time.

Robert Goulet Spanks Carol Lawrence

Somewhere out there I will one day find this picture I am sure. I have several copies of this low quality pose as you can see below, but I know that a proper otk spanking picture exists somewhere, and I’m going to find it if it kills me 🙂

The main pic I will add to my Windsor’s Stage Spankings folder.

Too Young To Kiss

This isn’t a new pic by any means, however, in true Windsor style I hope I can bring to you the best copy seen so far of this pic. It is 1600 by 1272 and is as clean as a whistle, a beautiful copy of it. Simply click the picture for the full sized version.

This is a promo pic for the spanking that is seen in the film “Too Young To Kiss”where Van Johnson spanks June Allyson. You can watch the clip over on Chross’site. The guy who rips off everything that Chross and I post and re-posts them on Fanpix will certainly love this one 🙂

It Looks Like Shirley Temple Is Enjoying This Spanking

Perhaps Walter Able needs to stop with the patty cake spanks, otherwise Shirley might just laugh her way through this entire spanking. Other pics similar to this have been posted before, but I’m pretty sure this pic of Shirley Temple smiling as she is getting spanked in a promo for Kiss and Tell. You can find the other two pics of Shirley getting spanked from this set right here.



Suddenly It’s Spring

I’m a little surprised at this one because I was pretty sure that I have seen it before. One thing that I have is a good eye for spanking pics and I am generally quick to spot a new find over the recycled ones. I checked the regular sites that post unique content such as Chross and Valdor, and also ran a Google search using the correct keywords but I came up with nothing. So like I said, I like to post unique content and as I can’t find this pic anywhere I guess it will go down as a new find. No hints as to where it came from, lol, here is Fred MacMurray spanking Paulette Goddard in “Suddenly It’s Spring”

Pic Identity?

Does anyone know the origin of this pic? The stock photo never came with a description.

Things have been quiet on the spanking front as I concentrate on my vanilla projects. If you want to check them out then follow these two links.

Gorgeous Pinups

Click to visit website

Vintage Americana

Click to visit website

Movie Madness

Once more I have raided the Ebay archives 😉  Here’s a hint for you, just search for the word ‘spank’and you will get a bucketload of mainstream pics. See, aren’t I nice to the blogging community 😉

Before I start though,my vintage Americana vanilla site has started to take off and I am excited about the prospects of it. Below you will find the link to the site as well as a link to the new Facebook page that I created specifically for the site. If you like old time photography then you should really check it out, today’s post is vintage New York. The Facebook page will be getting single pics every day, most of which will have a 1950’s feel to them.



And to give you an idea of the vanilla vintage sites, here are some recent pics on both sites. Like I said, to join them just click the links above.

And Some More Movie Stills

Some Old Time Movie Stills

Old Movie Spanking Pictures

These mainstream spanking pics have all been seen before,however,I managed to get a nice collection of high quality pics. Today we feature traditional male spanks female over the knee pics.


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