Spencer’s Mountain

If you go to the collaborative Movie Database that has been compiled by Chross you will find the entry for Spencer’s Mountain. Whenever I come across movie stills I go to the Database first to see if anyone has posted it before,  including myself. I don’t always remember what I post and dozens of my stills are in the database anyway. On the Spencer’s Mountain entry there are two pics,  which include a much lower resolution of the second pic posted here today. So these two pics should improve the entry.

The first pic though there is a very small version in the database,  but what I found unique was that even though it is from the same photo shoot session,  the one that I have for you here today is actually different to the thumbnail size one that Chross has up. It makes you wonder just how many swats Maureen O’Hara took to get the right picture.


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Elvis The King

Over the years I have collected various incarnations of the Blue Hawaii spanking scene,  and just this week I found another one. While the pic isn’t new,  the backdrop to it is,  as this version comes in the form of a TV guide advertisement featuring the most famous spanking pic from this film.


Over on my main site you can find a new parody version of The Saturday Gazette featuring seven unique pics from various settings. THE SATURDAY GAZETTE.

Also,  the vintage F/M folder now has 42 pics in it and more get added as I go along. As this isn’t my forte these pics won’t be posted on any of my sites,  but as many people have requested them I created a folder for them that can be accessed through THIS LINK

A Couple Of Movie Stills

These are small pics however they all count towards additions to our lifestyle. The first pic is a publicity still for  ‘The Vigilantes Ride’  and this pic features Russell Hayden spanking Shirley Patterson. The second pic is Audie Murphy spanking Kathryn Grant in  ‘The Guns of Fort Petticoat’

Both will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album.


$1000 A Touchdown

Just found this pic on Ebay,  and while there is no spanking action going on it is pretty clear that someone is asking for one 🙂

Not certain if there is a spanking or an implied spanking in the film but I will look around for you. This is Martha Ray and Joe E Brown.

MARTHA-RAYE-JOE-E-BROWN 1000 a touchdown

An Angel From texas

A nice big copy of this picture of Eddie Albert spanking Rosemary Lane in a still from An Angel From Texas,  has just been put up on Ebay for sale,  and I will share that with you here. Later tomorrow I will get back to the Sorority spanking pictures.


A Contribution

Over on my new STAGE SPANKINGS forum I have a section for contributions,  and today Dan Rivera added a super high quality pic of David Niven giving a mock spanking to June Allyson from the movie “My Man Godfrey”. As is usual from the time period,  there is no actual spanking in the movie,  but I would like to thank Dan for such a wonderful contribution. From my end of things I have included a picture of,  what looks like a video insert,  of Father of the Bride in German. It is another of my little habits,  I like to collect the same spanking picture in different languages. Both of these pics will be added to the stage spankings folder and you can access it simply by clicking the link below.


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Pistoleros Time

I did a bit more research on this and the name of the movie is “The Devil Was An Angel” or “Colt In The Hand Of The Devil”

Photo shows actor Cesare Cesarini spanking Marisa Solinas

This weeks Sorority Spanking is from the 1950’s on my main blog.

Pistoleros Time


Film Review

A colorized version of Maureen O’Hara & Henry Fonda in Spencer’s Mountain.


Verteufelte Zeiten

Chross has a smaller black and white version of this pic posted,  couldn’t find this larger one if he has it. This is from 1968 and features a stage spanking.


Vintage Newspaper Ads

To finish up the new year,  here are some random ads that have appeared in newspapers over the years. The quality isn’t perhaps the best,  but it does show how much more accepted spanking was in days gone past.

This week on my main site there is going to be two cracking pics coming up. On Wednesday for my WEDNESDAY CLASSICS feature I am going to have yet another pic from “Men are like Streetcars“,  only this one was done during rehearsals and it is a classic in every sense of the word. And coming next Sunday for my SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S feature,  I am going to share with you something really unique. A crystal clear over the knee pic featuring a girl getting spanked with a hairbrush 🙂

Clipboard06 Clipboard19  deb Jefferson City 1933  wayne

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