Picking Back Up Soon

I will pick back up with the Sorority spanking pics soon, but as I am travelling today I figured I would dish out a free video from my personal collection.

If you would like the free video then follow THIS LINK where you can find out the details on how to get it. It is a 30 minute video and it was inspired by someone who responded to the survey one time. It starts off with a birthday spanking delivered to the seat of the girls nylon panties and future spankings happen from there. As it is birthday related I will give to you a birthday spanking pic this week.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

sylva webster 76

Happy Birthday America

Hopefully there are plenty of Englishmen dishing out 237 birthday spanks to an American girl somewhere 🙂

This young lady is celebrating her 18th birthday in 1975, I wonder if she wore that skirt deliberately short in the hopes that it would be raised for her spanking, it is about halfway there right now. Nothing like a birthday spanking to get the day started. Of course I will add this to my BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks


Spanked On Her 18th BirthdaySpanked On Her 18th Birthday

You probably don’t find many girls today who can go to school and get 18 spanks with a yardstick on their birthday’s.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

Your Birthday Spanking


The Spanking Squire

It is hard to believe that this one goes back to 1974 for I remember it clearly. There were several stories that were ran about this gentleman and I am happy to report that I have several of them, with hopefully more to discover. Here is one newspaper article of the spankings that I remember more than the rest. For my entire collection of rare finds visit THIS PAGE and THIS ONE.



Weird Old Spanking Preferences

The 1970’s, the time in our spanking lives where publishers knew about the fetish, but knew nothing about what it actually meant 🙂

579239441_o 579276473_o 585506012_o 585506643_o 618845364_o

Montana 1971

Yet another unique Kiss me Kate spanking pic.

Serge Gainsbourg Giving Jane Birkin A Spanking

Found this on my hunting trails today on Pintrest. I’m not certain if another spanking blog has posted this one yet, I didn’t see it anywhere when I searched the Google blog directory. Here we have Serge Gainsbourg giving Jane Birkin a spanking.

1970s Swish1970s Swish

Here are a few Swish spanking pictures from the 1970’s. There was a time before I discovered Janus that this was all I had to live on 🙂


Girls Of The Seventies

I am in the process of cleaning the site up so it might be slow from time to time,I have to optimize though otherwise my hosting company may boot me.

Love The Extra Effort Poses In The Seventies

Spanking poses with the extra look.

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