Weds The Girl He Spanked

Here is a newspaper article from 1954 in which a girl marries the guy who spanked her. There is also a new Real Life story posted on my main blog with 12 pics which you can read here. Ellee’s Story


Playful Girls

From the 1950’s, two cuties having a spanking good time.

See Through Black Nylon Panties

Before I start, I just want to let you all know that I have posted the latest story in my birthday spanking series. This one will be a multi-part story and it begins with the birthday spanking of one girl. In this story the first girl gets a good spanking on the seat of her light blue nylon panties. You can read it here 3 Girls – Part 1

This is a rare set from the 1950’s, especially when you consider this was an age where a girl would have to wear two pairs of panties for photo sets such as these due to the moral code imposed at the time, so this is a unique spanking where you can clearly see through the sheer material that this spanking is given over just the single pair.

High Lonesome

Just a quick update, over on my spanking pics site I have posted some vintage spanking cartoons. I only post stuff that I have actually searched and worked for, so there is a good chance most of these spanking cartoons will be new to you. CLICK HERE.

Not much time for spanking today so just a quick spanking pic from High Lonesome.

Leglock Hairbrush

Looks like her roommate is getting to the bottom of things by applying the hairbrush to the seat of her full back panties. Doesn’t look like she is enjoying the spanking much!!

Valparaiso University Sororities

Here is the complete collection of sorority paddlings from Valparaiso university. These aren’t the best pics in the world, but I was alerted to them by Mr. P and I was able to find them online. Like I said, not the best collection but it is better than nothing 🙂

Kansas University 1954

A real picture with a real caption.

Looks like Doug Barling is giving Sally Rendigs a private boarding at the Delt paddle party.

Double Undies

With the recent sale of the Irving Klaw collection,I also read that part of the requirements that he had to use due to the government was that all participants were required to wear two pairs of panties for the spanking pics. That would explain the following pics.

The Sister And The Maid (Part 2 of 2)

And now it is the maids turn to go otk for a good spanking.

The Sister And The Maid (Part 1 of 2)

Going back to the 1950’s today for some good old fashioned spanking. Stockings, panties, pin-ups and gloves, what more could you want?

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