The True Definition Of Granny Panties

Story excerpt:

Grabbing the hem of the skirt I raised it up to reveal the white nylon panties that Pixie had on, as per my request of course. Now I’ll get through to her for sure! Yeah right, my hand starts coming down on her little panty clad bottom and her hands make a bee line straight for my shoelaces. Pixie was incorrigible, it didn’t seem to matter how hard I spanked her, she was determined not just to untie my shoelaces, but to pull the both of them through every shoelace eye on my sneakers. I tried to reprimand her, I spanked as soundly as I could, and no matter what I did my shoelaces had been threaded through the top eye of each sneaker and knotted several times. READ THE FULL STORY HERE.

Bettie Page In Color

Story excerpt:

The last thing that I was expecting from this meek girl was resistance,  petulance and combativeness. It took me a minute to get my game plan back on focus and she had me stumbling on my words for a little while there. It was just beginning though,  little did I know that I was literally going to have to spank a confession out of this little sprite.

It was like Bertha had planned this just as much as I did,  even when I took her over my knee and I started spanking her. There was no way that she was going to say why I was spanking her.

Now you know that there are certain things that I find aesthetically pleasing,  but I do have to say this. When I lifted Bertha’s skirt and starting spanking her on her cotton panties as she pounded her fists into the carpet  (Yes,  she really did this!! It is the little things you know)  there wasn’t an image that could have topped it. Read The Full Story Here

Hundreds Of Spanking Pics

Can’t get enough spanking? Remember,  on my main site I have hundreds of vintage spanking pics all in their own folders. Virtually everything was brand new to the spanking world whenever I post one of my finds so you are sure to find something new.


The Real Site

Whilst I don’t update this site nearly as much,  I am always posting vintage spankings on my main site,  here are the latest posts,  all of which feature a vintage spanking in some form or another.

Soon To Be Spanksgiving

Love For Everyone

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 73

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 24

The Spanking Policeman

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 72


Birthday Licks

Looks like dad is about to show the boyfriend how to spank his daughter. Looks like it was the wrong day for this lass to have a birthday,  a double spanking is in store.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks


New York In The 1950’s

Just found this pic on Instagram, pretty cool huh?


Them’s Granny Panties

Seriously,  can you imagine those panties being worn today? Of course the brush would still be used but this is a prime example of full backed panties.


Girdle Spanking

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A couple of months ago I titled a post Twin Sisters Birthday SpankingsOf course I made the title up,  but I just came across four more pics from that set where the naughty girl in black also has a switching session with another girl. Perhaps this girl was behind the camera for the first set of pics 😉

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Hairbrush And Panties

A staple of 1950’s spanking pics,  two girls and one of them getting spanked with a hairbrush. Speaking of which,  if you want a free 25 minute spanking video download then just follow this link. It is one of my videos and I am giving it away to anyone who wants it. FREE VIDEO.

$T2eC16V,!zEE9s3!YZGbBRZsZ1WCDw~~60_57 $T2eC16V,!zoE9s5ne+-eBRi7D,!!Kw~~60_57 hb1 hb1a hb2 hb3

McClintock Reversed

Hopefully this was an outtake and both girls ended up getting their spankings 🙂



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