Sorority Spanking Sundays – 65

Time for some sorority spanking pics, don’t you think? Need to keep this up before my forte gets swallowed up by someone else 🙂

One of these pics I have posted before but I found a much better version of it which I will update my main folder with. Both pics are from Kent State university, the first one being from 1946 and the second, the one that I have posted previously, is from 1943.

Both pics will be added to my ever growing WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder where you will find the complete collection of sorority spanking pics that I have contributed to the spanking community.


Superman Jack

This was just discovered today on Ebay, now I thought this was going to be a new discovery so I went to the best resource on the Internet for comic book spankings, the Chicago Spanking Review and as I expected, it isn’t new at all, of course he had this one.

Here is Web Ed’s Superman Jack page

Even though this one has been posted, I will still add it here as this is a sharper copy than Web Ed has and hopefully this copy will improve his collection by some small degree.


Vintage Spanking Machine

I’m hoping that the wheel is pointing to 21 swats 🙂 Here is a vintage form of a spanking machine. Unfortunately this was gathered during my mass picture finding mission and I didn’t label the pic as to where it is from. It is unique and original so you probably won’t find it anywhere, not unless you are like me and search online libraries for hours on end 😉


Also don’t miss this weeks Wednesday classic which features an OTK spanking from 1956 in the school play “Man of Seventeen”

Wednesday Classics

Patricia Ellis Birthday Spanking

Here is a nice little rare pic for you. Though I don’t know who the guy is, I do know that this is Patricia Ellis getting a birthday spanking with a paddle. This is from the 1930’s though the exact year I am not sure.

This will be added to my BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS ALBUM.

ellis1 ellis2

Another Vintage Birthday Spanking

This one is an Ebay find from the 1930’s, I guess ‘Horsing’ has been around for a while, huh? Just a playful little spanking.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.

Don’t forget that I am also adding pages for the girls that I play with. Amber Grey has just been added along with Amber Pixie Wells and Ellee Evergood.

$(KGrHqJ,!l!FFyf5vyM4BRjbFHIu+!~~60_57 $T2eC16d,!zEE9s3!Y8S(BRjbFH1t(g~~60_57

A Switch In Time

Here is an old spanking pic where one lady is being switched by another.


Paddle Party

I have a number of these pics that I came across when doing my Sorority Spanking searches. Being that they are F/M pics then they won’t make my Wednesday classics or the sorority ones, but I will post the odd ones here for you.

This first one is from Tyee in 1941 and features some type of inter Greek initiation. What is good about this one is that you can see the paddle in motion.

tyee 1941

And in this second pic I am sure one of the writers out there would love this idea. A Fraternity housemother lining up 5 boys for an OTK paddling/spanking 🙂 This one is from Alabama in 1949.

alabama 1949


Aye Aye Captain

I have no cat of nine tails, but I will give this girl the spanking that she needs.


Now Mobile FriendlyNow Mobile Friendly

If you are viewing this website on your mobile device then you would have noticed that the site looks different. I configured the site to display as a more friendly app on your device. Let me know your feedback if you wish, whether you like it or whether you don’t.

Here we have a nice young man taking a piece of wood to his girl’s bottom. A BIRTHDAY SPANKING perhaps?

Your Birthday Spanking


Birthday Spanking Of Old

Looks like someone is enjoying this spanking more than the birthday girl 😉


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