New Story On Main Site

If mother spanks daughter is your thing then there is a new spanking story over on my main site. With an added bonus that the daughter’s boyfriend is listening to the whole thing outside the apartment.


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  • George Weinstein

    dear mr. windsor, I wonder if you recall a spanking short in which the M/f are played by an Australian couple with him In a beard…fake I believe it was. In the video he is made to wait outside his boss’s office for a long time and finally gets in to see HER and she fires
    him. He accepts his fate but tells her before he goes he has to give her something she richly deserves. He bends her over her own desk and bares her lovely fleshy cheeks and spanks her fast and very hard while she protests and screams until her bottom is bright
    and she is tearfully imploring him to stop.

    Do you know what I am referring to and if so, can it be gotten?

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