Sorority Spanking Sundays – 108

Here is a nice unique pic for you today from LSU in 1936. Obviously you will notice a long line of pledges ready to get their swats,  so this is probably one of those rare pics that is actually a genuine paddling. You can pretty much tell by the onlookers in the background. When I blew the pic up though I also noticed something else. While the focus is on the guy with the paddle,  if you play close attention you will see that the girl behind the girl getting paddled is also poised to deliver a rather painful looking swat  🙂  It took me a while to spot the second paddle.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKING folder where you will find the other 107 entries.

LSU 36

3 comments to Sorority Spanking Sundays – 108

  • Harry

    Excellent sorority paddling thanks.

  • O.H.

    Dear Rich, This is “the” sorority paddling pic that first caused my fascination, and I have been looking for a digital version for many years. My father had LSU yearbooks, and this was the best pic in the set he had. I have searched my mother’s house but can no longer find the old yearbooks. (I think I took them and then lost them along the way with moving.) It is definitely a genuine paddling, and I believe I learned from my father or from some reliable source that this pic is from the initiation (or perhaps Hell Week) of an exclusive organization that included A-List Greeks of both genders from the various sororities and fraternities and that would explain why the paddling was both public and photographed. (I have always believed there were real sorority paddlings, with sore bottoms and crying, but that they were sub rosa because they were real, and no fun for the recipients.) Here, there are clearly males and females to be paddled as well as paddling, and it is possible that several of the “girls” are actually men in drag, which was a common hazing device and seen elsewhere in Fraternity hazing pictures. In a nearby year (1935 or 1937) there is a picture of one of the campus beauties bending for the paddle with a very concerned look on her face; the caption is “Beth Gets Paddled,” and I think it is from an initiation of the same organization. Beth is one of the campus beauty queens who is also featured in a separate section of the same yearbook. In the pic with Beth there is a huge crowd around the male spanker and Beth, but the delighted onlookers are too close for a full paddle swing. In today’s pic, one of the signs that it was not posed is the obvious arc of the paddles. Note also that there is a girl in line either practicing bending over or getting a swat from a paddler we can’t see. Bravo!

  • O.H.

    P.S. There is a third paddle, in the hand of the girl in the dark clothing who is standing between the two men in the white shirts. It is seen from the side, not the front of the blade but it is definitely in her hand. Also, one of the girls in line, the third one from the front, appears to be comforting her backside or anticipating her upcoming paddling. If the girl in line who is bent over is bending for the paddle, the one rubbing her rear may have just received a swat (or two) while in line. Several other factors that strongly suggest this is not just posing or joking around are 1) the fact that no one is smiling or mugging for the camera, and 2) Those are not decorative paddles; they are serious implements being put to serious use. Also, regarding the other LSU photo I mentioned, it was in the 1935 yearbook, called the Gumbo.

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