Spencer’s Mountain

If you go to the collaborative Movie Database that has been compiled by Chross you will find the entry for Spencer’s Mountain. Whenever I come across movie stills I go to the Database first to see if anyone has posted it before,  including myself. I don’t always remember what I post and dozens of my stills are in the database anyway. On the Spencer’s Mountain entry there are two pics,  which include a much lower resolution of the second pic posted here today. So these two pics should improve the entry.

The first pic though there is a very small version in the database,  but what I found unique was that even though it is from the same photo shoot session,  the one that I have for you here today is actually different to the thumbnail size one that Chross has up. It makes you wonder just how many swats Maureen O’Hara took to get the right picture.


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  • jimc

    yes, two great stills. The bottom one is from the movie itself and the top one was a publicity still. I remember Maureen in a tribute to John Wayne saying that she has been spanked,swatted,kicked,put through the mud, and all these other things about suffering for her craft with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. and I would have to agree she has been all of those things and really have enjoyed seeing her spanked all those times. I think the best line that I remember was in one movie Macdonald Carey says” I have never spanked a bank manager before!” a great line, but unfortunately no spanking in the film. Thanks for the great finds. Have a great day.

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