Sorority Spanking Chronicles 6

What better way to celebrate my 52nd birthday than with the final portion of the 100 sorority spanking pics that I have bought to you over the last two years. All original work based on many hours of dedicated searching.

Memphis 1942 flastacowo 66 great falls simpson in 1928 maidsandman19391939stud_0049 pineknot1943atla_0063 Ohio northern 1949 colorado 1952 william and mary 1936 chestnutburr1944kent_0141 silver spruce 1928 palm beach 1952 howard payne 1945a pineknot1953atla_0157 Arizona 1957 Gus 1952

Sorority Spanking Chronicles 5

Here is another set that includes a housemother taking her surrogate role seriously with an OTK spanking.

riverdale 1949 U of Miss 1945 pineknot1968atla_0124 download (1) san angelo 57 Scan4ab osu 1939 1939_U_Maine_housemother_OTK maidofathens1928athe_0113 lagenda1942 carroll 1935 Clipboard01f howard payne 1947 Clipboard013 milestones 1931 u of miss 1969a jerome 47 butler 1969 e.carolina 1937

Sorority Spanking Chronicles 4

Picture number 10 in this set is one of my personal favorites as it is a Housemother giving one of the sorority girls an OTK spanking.

Denver 1930d Denver 1930a Denver 1930b bradley 1930 Dakota 33  minnesota 1948 tuscarora19581958mead_0080 Sorority1 arrowwomanscolle19244woma_0072-1 chestnutburr1946kent_0084 Boyd1957-75 Memphis 1941 iowa teachers 1924 Central Missouri 30 elon 1940 osu 1936 maryville 1955

Sorority Spanking Chronicles 3

Lots of spanking still to come this week,  here is part three of my sorority spanking collection.

pennsylvanian1949penn_0049 $T2eC16d,!ysE9sy0jKf0BR5f-ZpGkg~~60_57 Denver 1930c colo 1945 attica 47 coe 1947 Ohio northern 1940    iowa 1940 Scan4b  Clipboard05  kansas 62 b96821069cdf11e3a4ee0e1d609f6897_8 augustana 56 Bradley 1937C daniel baker 1942

Sorority Spanking Chronicles 2

Part two of the 100 sorority spanking pics from the last two years.

   san diego state 1954a Colorado 1953 ratting 5 1938 $_57 pineknot1943atla_0063a aquila19531953happ_0024 $_3 (5) $_3 Denver 1958 uofc 64 kent st 1945 coloradocollegen1943colo_0147 Pat Saunders, yielding the paddle to lledgling CaroKn Cullen is typical san diego state 1959 cuba 77 texas tech 1939 U of miss 1968

Sorority Spanking Chronicles 1

In honor of the one hundred sorority spanking pics that I have brought to you over the last two years  (Total is actually 113 due to previous posts)  I have decided to post all of them this week in smaller batches so that you can enjoy them all once again.

knoxville 1942 1927 , Atlanta+ Ohio state 1954 Minnesota 1965  a  chestnutburr1943kent_0123 Gus 1952a Colorado 1955  Ohio St 42 colorado 1943 colostate 38 knoxville 1936     san diego state 1954

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 100

The landmark has been reached,  the one hundredth entry into my Sorority spanking series.

What started as Mr. P sending me his photocopied collection,  turned in to a bit of an obsession. Virtually everything that I shared with you all was an original find barring a handful of pics. In fact I even purchased the original 1941 LIFE magazine that featured perhaps the MOST FAMOUS sorority paddling pic,  and once done with the magazine I sent it as a gift to Mr. P to thank him for steering me on this course. So if you see the high quality pic anywhere,  just know that I paid for it. In fact if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,  I’m probably the most flattered spanking blogger on the Internet.

So do I have anything special for today? Unfortunately not really. My collection has pretty much dwindled to around 40 pics and none of them are really that great,  so I will give you the best of the bunch. Not only that I will post all 100 sorority pics every day this week in groups of 17-20.

As usual,  this will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder and I would like to thank all of you who have left a comment over the last two years to show your appreciation.

U of Alabama 42

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 99

Next week will be the big one,  post number 100 in the sorority spanking series. I think that what I am going to do is post number 100 next Sunday and then post all 100 during the week. In fact if I am not too busy tomorrow I will post all 99 this week building up to number 100 next Sunday.

What I like about number 99 below is that it appears a by-standing sorority sister has stepped in to stop the spanking to let the spanker know she is having her picture taken. The spanking will resume shortly.

This will be added to the WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder.


Sorority Spanking Sundays – 98

As I mentioned over on my main blog where I have posted the latest Sunday stage spanking ,  I have now moved into my new apartment and I am ready to get back to making regular spanking posts on all blogs.

So for this blog that means I can get back to the Sorority spanking pics. Now I know that these pics end up all over the Internet,  and you will never know that they originated here because link backs are so very few and far between,  but this week makes number 98 that I have brought to you.

Now I do have a nice pic to share for number 100 which I am saving,  but I really hope that I can find you an awesome one between now and then.

This week is from the University Of Colorado in 1964.

I will add this to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder where you can find all 97 other spanking pics.

uofc 64

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