Spank You Very Much

If you go to my other sites, RICHARD WINDSOR and SPANKING PICS, you will see that I am giving away spanking videos today, and even though I don’t exactly have any vintage videos of my own, I do have one where the I spank the delightful Caroline Grey as she is dressed in a 1950’s outfit. This is my way of saying thank you for all of your support. The video is lighthearted and we talk throughout, but on spanking tube the second part of this video has been viewed over half a million times. Enjoy both parts 1 and 2.

4 comments to Spank You Very Much

  • willjohn

    After that she would be more black and blue than Grey

  • jimc

    love the story and the positioning. I love otk the best and enjoy all that you share with us. I share a computer so cannot download anything,but I do enjoy your offers and I wish I could take advantage of them. So thank you again for all that you do in the spanko community and have a great day.

  • Danny

    Lovely videos! Tried to check out Caroline’s blog,as invited by Richard to do;but it is by invitation of Caroline only.

  • jimc

    Hi Richard,I shall try to leave a comment again as you have said it is fixed. I love otk and this is a great video. I love all your spanking videos,but I use a shared computer so cannot download any of them or enjoy your offers as I would want to. Thank you for all your sites,finds,videos,stories and all that you have shared with the spanko community. I found you first and through you Chross and so many of the great spanking site. My computer crashed several months ago and it was only recently that I have been able to come to your sites (due to the adult nature of your sites I was unable to access them at the library and therefore could not reply to several of your posts) I do love otk the best and while I may not comment as much as I would like I do want you know that all your work is greatly appreciated even though it is not commented on asmuch as it should. Thanks again. Have a great day.

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