Sorority Spanking Sundays – 81

I’m still scraping the barrel,  but I do intend on getting to 100 posts in this series. As I have mentioned before though,  the quality of the remaining pics is pretty bad,  but I will do what I can to improve what I have left for you.

This week you get a double dip. The first pic is from Howard Payne university in 1945,  aptly named I might add,  and the second pic was contributed by O.H from 1953.

Both pics as always will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS FOLDER where you can find every single pic that I have made to this series.

howard payne 1945apineknot1953atla_0157

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 80

A nice clear picture for you this week,  just a shame that it is back to front and the paddle is just a tad too big for her to hold. Pity really because the spankee seems to know the correct position for a proper paddling and that butt is up nice and high.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder.


Sorority Spanking Sundays – 79

Man alive,  can you believe that I am up to number 79 in the series already. Now I only have 50 more left after this one,  however the quality is pretty sub par on most of them. Looks like old Windsor better start hitting the history books again pretty soon. The reason that I concentrate on my other collections is that they are easier to find comparatively speaking,  but I will try and spend the time in the next month or so to beef up the collection for you all.

This weeks entry is from 1940 and has been one of those ones that I have been holding for a while now,  only because of the unique paddling position. I wonder if she had to slide down the whole stairs before stopping to get her lick?

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS album.

iowa 1940

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 78

Not a super wonderful pic this week,  but it is in the collection so I will use this week to post this one. From Palm Beach in 1952.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder.

palm beach 1952

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