An Angel From texas

A nice big copy of this picture of Eddie Albert spanking Rosemary Lane in a still from An Angel From Texas, has just been put up on Ebay for sale, and I will share that with you here. Later tomorrow I will get back to the Sorority spanking pictures.


2 comments to An Angel From texas

  • js666

    Ah,Rosemary getting it. There were at least three Lane sisters in Hollywood in the 30’s. The best known was the youngest,Priscilla,who got a spanking in “Love,Honor,and Behave.”The eldest was Lola,and I recall a story from an old screen magazine reporting that she had the dubious distinction of being the only girl in her high school to get paddled. I also recall another story about how all three had gotten into some kind of trouble at home,but Priscilla,a teenager,was the only one still young enough to be spanked. Fun family.

  • Alex Mccabe

    Are you sure this isn’t Peggy Moran from Treat Em Rough (1942)?

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