Sorority Spanking Sundays – 59

This week you get yet another double dip of sorority spanking pics. There is a guy who frequently contributes pics to me that I have in a separate folder, and if I ever use one of his pics then I will always put one of mine up as well so that he gets something out of the post. I call the guy O.H because I actually don’t know if he is okay with me using his screen name. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask I guess 🙂

The first pic I found last week on Ebay and the second pic is a great one from O.H where the girl is having her skirt raised prior to being paddled. It is a great shot.

As always, both pics will be added to my ever growing WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder.

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1 comment to Sorority Spanking Sundays – 59

  • O.H.

    Rich,good job improving the quality of the pics I send you! And O.H. is a fine name for you to describe me.

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