Sorority Spanking Sundays – 53

Another double helping this week of sorority spankings,  thanks once again goes to O.H who supplied the pic of the girl dreamily looking at the paddle 🙂 The first pic is from San Angelo in 1957 and it looks like the girl is feeling the effects of the first swat already.

Both pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS FOLDER.

san angelo 57 sorority hazing paddles

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 52

Another double helping of spanking fun this week. The first pic was a contribution from O.H which led me to put together a clearer version of it. The pic is from Daniel Baker college in 1942 and while I had two from this school already,  I didn’t have this one. The second pic is from the University of Denver in 1930.

Both pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS FOLDER.

daniel baker 1942 Denver 1930d

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 51

As you all know by now,  I was at the Shadowlane spanking party last week so I missed out on an update. Not to worry though,  I will give you a double helping this week 🙂 Both pics are from 1935.

Both pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS FOLDER.

harding 1935 iowa 1935


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