A ContributionA Contribution

Over on my new STAGE SPANKINGS forum I have a section for contributions, and today Dan Rivera added a super high quality pic of David Niven giving a mock spanking to June Allyson from the movie “My Man Godfrey”. As is usual from the time period, there is no actual spanking in the movie, but I would like to thank Dan for such a wonderful contribution. From my end of things I have included a picture of, what looks like a video insert, of Father of the Bride in German. It is another of my little habits, I like to collect the same spanking picture in different languages. Both of these pics will be added to the stage spankings folder and you can access it simply by clicking the link below.


7_davidandjune dan riv$T2eC16F,!zoE9s5nc3cZBRY8s0wDmg~~60_3

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