Sorority Spanking Sundays – 46

Sorry for the delay guys,  I was at a small spanking party this weekend and I am suffering from a deep lack of sleep. This weeks entry is from Elon University in 1940.


elon 1940

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 45

This week is from Carroll University in 1941.

carroll 1941

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 44

Today I am going to share with you another of Mr. P’s contributions. This pic is pretty poor in quality,  but unfortunately I can’t find another copy online anywhere. This one is from Rider College in 1940.

This will be added to my SORORITY SPANKINGS folder,  the finest collection of vintage sorority spanking pics there is.


Superman Jack

This was just discovered today on Ebay,  now I thought this was going to be a new discovery so I went to the best resource on the Internet for comic book spankings,  the Chicago Spanking Review and as I expected,  it isn’t new at all,  of course he had this one.

Here is Web Ed’s Superman Jack page

Even though this one has been posted,  I will still add it here as this is a sharper copy than Web Ed has and hopefully this copy will improve his collection by some small degree.


A Contribution

Over on my new STAGE SPANKINGS forum I have a section for contributions,  and today Dan Rivera added a super high quality pic of David Niven giving a mock spanking to June Allyson from the movie “My Man Godfrey”. As is usual from the time period,  there is no actual spanking in the movie,  but I would like to thank Dan for such a wonderful contribution. From my end of things I have included a picture of,  what looks like a video insert,  of Father of the Bride in German. It is another of my little habits,  I like to collect the same spanking picture in different languages. Both of these pics will be added to the stage spankings folder and you can access it simply by clicking the link below.


7_davidandjune dan riv$T2eC16F,!zoE9s5nc3cZBRY8s0wDmg~~60_3

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 43

Those people who subscribe to this website will get a double treat this morning. I had already made a post and then suddenly realized that it was Sorority Sunday day,  lol,  so I have rescheduled the post I made this morning until tomorrow. This weeks Sorority Spanking Sunday pic is from Colorado State in 1938. This pic isn’t going to win any world prizes for action,  but you can’t beat the quality of it. As always,  the pic will be added to the sorority spankings folder shown below.


colostate 38

Happy Birthday America

Hopefully there are plenty of Englishmen dishing out 237 birthday spanks to an American girl somewhere 🙂

This young lady is celebrating her 18th birthday in 1975,  I wonder if she wore that skirt deliberately short in the hopes that it would be raised for her spanking,  it is about halfway there right now. Nothing like a birthday spanking to get the day started. Of course I will add this to my BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks


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