Sorority Spanking Sundays – 41

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Today we have a rarity, rare in the fact that this pic is not one of my own finds!! Yes, it’s true, there will occasionally be a pic that I did not research myself and was sent in to me. This pic was contributed by the person who can be credited with starting me on my mission of finding the rarest spanking pics on the internet, Mr. P.

A lot of the pics Mr. P sent to me I was able to locate online and therefore I was able to post a clearer copy, but unfortunately this one did not turn up anywhere so I had to do a direct scan of Mr. P’s contribution. Now this is number 41 in the series, but I actually have a lot more posted in the sorority folder that I posted separately to the Sunday post. On my site yesterday I told you that my men are like streetcars folder is the most popular page of 2013, but for overall popularity the sorority spanking folder is by far the most popular page of all time. You can check the entire contents of each folder by clicking the links below. By the way, the pic is from the University of Alabama in 1944.





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