Girdle Spanking

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A couple of months ago I titled a post Twin Sisters Birthday SpankingsOf course I made the title up, but I just came across four more pics from that set where the naughty girl in black also has a switching session with another girl. Perhaps this girl was behind the camera for the first set of pics 😉

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  • Trantom

    I wold love to see spankings like this,women always look better dressed in lingeie than undresed I like spankings given over slips/petticoats ,panties,girdles (w/panties)
    Pantyhose (w/ panties) …girdles and pantyhose hold the bottom in place,gives you a better target and also holds the from the spanking in ..trapped so the spanking is even more painful. Tight skirts or pants are nice too the spankings from the 50’s would be fun to watch.

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