Sorority Spanking Sundays – 42

The Brand Spanking New discussion board is open with a special folder just for Sorority Spanking Pics. Just click below.

Windsor’s Classics Spanking Board

It cost me $15 to join an archived site,  but within minutes I found this gem so it was worth it for me within seconds of joining. The copy that I have of this pic is actually six times the size of the one that I am posting here,  simply because posting the larger version would serve little purpose. This pic is from Atlanta in 1927 and features a very unique style of sorority paddling. Hey,  at least the girl on the bottom looks happy 🙂



1927 , Atlanta+

Them’s Granny Panties

Seriously,  can you imagine those panties being worn today? Of course the brush would still be used but this is a prime example of full backed panties.


Sorority Spanking Sundays – 41

The Brand Spanking New discussion board is open with a special folder just for Sorority Spanking Pics. Just click below.

Windsor’s Classics Spanking Board

Today we have a rarity,  rare in the fact that this pic is not one of my own finds!! Yes,  it’s true,  there will occasionally be a pic that I did not research myself and was sent in to me. This pic was contributed by the person who can be credited with starting me on my mission of finding the rarest spanking pics on the internet,  Mr. P.

A lot of the pics Mr. P sent to me I was able to locate online and therefore I was able to post a clearer copy,  but unfortunately this one did not turn up anywhere so I had to do a direct scan of Mr. P’s contribution. Now this is number 41 in the series,  but I actually have a lot more posted in the sorority folder that I posted separately to the Sunday post. On my site yesterday I told you that my men are like streetcars folder is the most popular page of 2013,  but for overall popularity the sorority spanking folder is by far the most popular page of all time. You can check the entire contents of each folder by clicking the links below. By the way,  the pic is from the University of Alabama in 1944.





Girdle Spanking

Before we begin with the pics,  on my other sites I am giving away a 25 minute video for free,  no strings attached. Unbelievably only 20 people who sought to get my best selling video for free,  but that is perfectly fine,  if that is all it is then so be it. If you want the free video just click this link for details,  it is pretty easy. FREE VIDEO DETAILS

A couple of months ago I titled a post Twin Sisters Birthday SpankingsOf course I made the title up,  but I just came across four more pics from that set where the naughty girl in black also has a switching session with another girl. Perhaps this girl was behind the camera for the first set of pics 😉

$(KGrHqRHJBQFEfucYOjzBRJV!R,NnQ~~60_57 $(KGrHqRHJEcFEiksFGmQBRJVBi1hKg~~60_57 $(KGrHqVHJFIFEeW!1wHjBRJVDmlR(Q~~60_57 $T2eC16hHJHgE9n0yHFPhBRJVEk3Rtg~~60_57

Hairbrush And Panties

A staple of 1950’s spanking pics,  two girls and one of them getting spanked with a hairbrush. Speaking of which,  if you want a free 25 minute spanking video download then just follow this link. It is one of my videos and I am giving it away to anyone who wants it. FREE VIDEO.

$T2eC16V,!zEE9s3!YZGbBRZsZ1WCDw~~60_57 $T2eC16V,!zoE9s5ne+-eBRi7D,!!Kw~~60_57 hb1 hb1a hb2 hb3

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 40

Can you believe that we are at sorority spanking pic number 40 already? I still have over 60 to come so I will end sharing over 100 sorority spanking pics by the time we are done,  and of course I continue to find them.

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This week we are actually going to Attica in 1947 where this isn’t from a university,  rather it is a sorority that was a college prep school. What I love about this double spanking is that the guy in the background isn’t paying the least bit of attention to it.

All sorority spanking pics can be found in my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder.

attica 47


The Main Site

If you only visit this site with an interest in vintage spanking,  then you really should check out my main site as that has as much vintage material as this site does. Here are some of the areas that you should be checking out,  simply click the header or the “Read more” line to go directly to each page.

Birthday Spankings:

This isn’t just your normal set of birthday spanking pics,  all of these ones I have amassed over the years and they are all of a vintage style,  just check these out as an example of what this folder of 36 pics contain. Read more…

KGrHqJHJDcE63ZkMdPBO5SoMTiw60_12 oa-85

Spanking Finds

Pictures on this page are currently residing there as I have no other place to find them,  but there are some good vintage spanking ones on there. Read more…

KGrHqMOKjsE24SU2mcJBN5BP6cLnQ_3 Windsorclassic12

Sorority Spankings

Everyone should know by now that I have the rarest collection of sorority spanking pics on the Internet. Practically everything is unique and is a weekly feature on this site. There are a stack of rare pics posted so check them out. Read more…

Denver-1952 knoxville-1942

Stage and Screen Spankings

Once more,  I find them and everyone takes them 🙂 Everything on this page was first posted by me and are now a part of the spanking community. Don’t worry though,  I have literally hundreds of never before seen spanking pics so you will always get something new from me. The two shown below I actually own in my personal collection. Read more…

elvis Scan1

Over the weekend I will share with you what is contained in the folders shown below.

Vintage Spanking Machine

I’m hoping that the wheel is pointing to 21 swats 🙂 Here is a vintage form of a spanking machine. Unfortunately this was gathered during my mass picture finding mission and I didn’t label the pic as to where it is from. It is unique and original so you probably won’t find it anywhere,  not unless you are like me and search online libraries for hours on end 😉


Also don’t miss this weeks Wednesday classic which features an OTK spanking from 1956 in the school play “Man of Seventeen”

Wednesday Classics

Sorority Spanking Sundays – 39

From Coe university in 1947,  here we have a pledge getting ready for an outdoor paddling.

coe 1947

Be sure to check all of my folders below for never before seen spanking pics.

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The contest is going to revolve around my stories probably, so get acquainted with them, I’m just not sure exactly how I am going to do it. Probably anyone who makes a comment on a story gets entered, but perhaps the person who gives me the best idea for writing a new story will get the grand prize. They can either do that by leaving a comment or emailing me. At this present time I have about 8 unfinished stories, but I’m looking to do a really fun one. It will be a birthday spanking story but the details will be up to you. The creative mind will win and everyone else will get a free digital download.

Anyway, more to come on that later this week, but read through the stories to get an idea of my writing style and I will be back tonight with this weeks’  Sorority Sunday pic.

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