Pistoleros Time

I did a bit more research on this and the name of the movie is “The Devil Was An Angel”or “Colt In The Hand Of The Devil”

Photo shows actor Cesare Cesarini spanking Marisa Solinas

This weeks Sorority Spanking is from the 1950’s on my main blog.

Pistoleros Time


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  • Richard,I am very interested in spanking scenes from mainstream movies,so thanks for printing this lovely scene. But I cannot find the name Cesare Cesarini in the Internet Movie Database,and the name Marisa Solinas appears only regarding Italian films,and the above still with the charro cannot be part of that genre. If this is meant to be a Mexican film,there is a title called “Los Pistolocos”(1960) (NOT Pistoleros) that has a very good OTK spanking scene…but that one features Julio Aldama and Teresa Velazquez,not the two folks pictured here. Do you have any more info regarding this very interesting still photo?


  • Harry

    That’s because it’s actually an Italian movie,not a Mexican one;the original title is Un Colt in Pugno al Diavolo (1967). The girl is definitely Marisa Solinas and I think the spanker is Attilio Severini,whose picture can be seen here:


    Italy made a lot of ‘spaghetti westerns’in the ’60s.

  • jim

    I love mainstream movies and this was a great otk. I loved her positioning,her expression and esp. the way her hair falls. This was indeed a truly great find. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Also thank you Harry for settting the record straight as to what movie it was from. Have a great day.

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