The Spanking Squire

It is hard to believe that this one goes back to 1974 for I remember it clearly. There were several stories that were ran about this gentleman and I am happy to report that I have several of them, with hopefully more to discover. Here is one newspaper article of the spankings that I remember more than the rest. For my entire collection of rare finds visit THIS PAGE and THIS ONE.



3 comments to The Spanking Squire

  • badsherri

    Wow interesting story Richard!! and weird how it went to trial..

  • Yes,Richard,one can say that John Brooks,Squire,had a ‘spanking good time’,with these women. And should have been let off scot free. By demonstrating in court,how delightful this wonderful pasttime of baring a naughty women’s derriere and spanking it with gusto,can be.

  • js666

    Actually,he was let off scot free. He sued for libel when some newspaper called him,IIRC,“a menace to young girls.”The jury found that he had been libeled —that he wasn’t a “menace”—but only awarded him a penny in damages.

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