Pistoleros Time

I did a bit more research on this and the name of the movie is “The Devil Was An Angel” or “Colt In The Hand Of The Devil”

Photo shows actor Cesare Cesarini spanking Marisa Solinas

This weeks Sorority Spanking is from the 1950’s on my main blog.

Pistoleros Time


The Spanking Squire

It is hard to believe that this one goes back to 1974 for I remember it clearly. There were several stories that were ran about this gentleman and I am happy to report that I have several of them,  with hopefully more to discover. Here is one newspaper article of the spankings that I remember more than the rest. For my entire collection of rare finds visit THIS PAGE and THIS ONE.



Film Review

A colorized version of Maureen O’Hara & Henry Fonda in Spencer’s Mountain.


A Couple Of Postcards

Just to show you that fun spanking has been around for decades.


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