Vintage Newspaper Ads

To finish up the new year, here are some random ads that have appeared in newspapers over the years. The quality isn’t perhaps the best, but it does show how much more accepted spanking was in days gone past.

This week on my main site there is going to be two cracking pics coming up. On Wednesday for my WEDNESDAY CLASSICS feature I am going to have yet another pic from “Men are like Streetcars“, only this one was done during rehearsals and it is a classic in every sense of the word. And coming next Sunday for my SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S feature, I am going to share with you something really unique. A crystal clear over the knee pic featuring a girl getting spanked with a hairbrush 🙂

Clipboard06 Clipboard19  deb Jefferson City 1933  wayne

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  • The last two are fairly well-known movies,although to be honest I don’t remember “When Strangers Marry”very well –probably Dan Rivera would know it. It’s really some of the others that are more interesting:“Don’t Doubt Your Husband”is a play that looks like it’s from about 1920,but I’ve never heard of it;“Public Deb. No. 1”is another play that looks really promising,a spoiled rich girl gets her comeuppance kind of story,but I’ll have to research it further.

    Finally,the Hallmark Hall of Fame television production of “Kiss Me Kate”with the original stage stars Alfred Drake and Patricia Morison is certainly well-known but something I never get tired of seeing. Some might be interested to know that cast member Harvey Lembeck,who would later play Eric Von Zipper in those terrible Beach Party movies of the 60’s,was still a serious actor at this time (1958),having come up through the American theatre.

  • I have always had a particular fondness for Kiss Me Kate. Seen the dcreen version many times with Howard Keel and Kathyrn Grayson,but yearned to see the original stage version,with Alfred Drake and Patricia Morison. Thanks to Dailymotion,live scenes of these two performers from the 1958 Hallmark Production can still be seen. Thanks for the retro spanking ads.

  • Dan Rivera

    “When Strangers Marry”(1933),“Public Deb No. 1”(1940),“Kiss Me Kate”(1953),and “McLintock!”(1963) are all good films that do contain spanking scenes. As for “Don’t Doubt Your Husband”(1924),the print ad shows a pic of Allan Forrest spanking his on-screen wife Viola Dana…but I don’t know if the movie itself actually contains that scene,as I believe it is a “Lost”film that no one in our generation has ever had the chance to see.

    BTW,the print ad shown here for “Kiss Me Kate”shows Alfred Drake spanking Patricia Morison,but it is not a scene from the 1953 movie. Rather,it is a publicity still produced for the 1958 TV version of that show,on the prestigious Hallmark Hall of Fame series.


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