Vintage Newspaper Ads

To finish up the new year,  here are some random ads that have appeared in newspapers over the years. The quality isn’t perhaps the best,  but it does show how much more accepted spanking was in days gone past.

This week on my main site there is going to be two cracking pics coming up. On Wednesday for my WEDNESDAY CLASSICS feature I am going to have yet another pic from “Men are like Streetcars“,  only this one was done during rehearsals and it is a classic in every sense of the word. And coming next Sunday for my SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S feature,  I am going to share with you something really unique. A crystal clear over the knee pic featuring a girl getting spanked with a hairbrush 🙂

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Rare Sixties Pics

If you missed it,  over on my main site I have just reached my 6th year anniversary and I celebrate with pics of me spanking both Ellee and Beth Eisley.

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Weird Old Spanking Preferences

The 1970’s,  the time in our spanking lives where publishers knew about the fetish,  but knew nothing about what it actually meant 🙂

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Playful Girls

From the 1950’s,  two cuties having a spanking good time.

See Through Black Nylon Panties

Before I start,  I just want to let you all know that I have posted the latest story in my birthday spanking series. This one will be a multi-part story and it begins with the birthday spanking of one girl. In this story the first girl gets a good spanking on the seat of her light blue nylon panties. You can read it here 3 Girls –  Part 1

This is a rare set from the 1950’s,  especially when you consider this was an age where a girl would have to wear two pairs of panties for photo sets such as these due to the moral code imposed at the time,  so this is a unique spanking where you can clearly see through the sheer material that this spanking is given over just the single pair.

At The Movies

Here are a couple of newspaper clippings advertising spanking scenes in mainstream movies. I have a ton of these that I will share over time.

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