Robert Goulet Spanks Carol Lawrence

Somewhere out there I will one day find this picture I am sure. I have several copies of this low quality pose as you can see below, but I know that a proper otk spanking picture exists somewhere, and I’m going to find it if it kills me 🙂

The main pic I will add to my Windsor’s Stage Spankings folder.

3 comments to Robert Goulet Spanks Carol Lawrence

  • I made a scan from an original newspaper clipping a couple of years ago that I haven’t gotten around to posting on CSR. It’s on it’s way to you now. Musical buffs might be interested to know that Carol Lawrence and Michael Callan had appeared together in the stage version of West Side Story in 1957.

    For the benefit of your non-American readers,this was a version of KMK that appeared on American television in 1968.

    I’ve also got another KMK pairing,Howard Keel/Constance Towers,taken in rehearsal,that I haven’t gotten around to posting either. One of these days…

  • Incorrect apostrophe on “its”–sorry.

  • ScottS

    I saw this one as a kid….one of the best ever. He really let her have it,and the sound was almost like her botom was bare. SUre wish that clip was somewhere!!!

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