It’s Spanking Time

It is hard to know how many people who visit this site also visit my main site. I’m going to guess it is quite a few,  but I also think there may be many who only come here,  this post is for those people. Over on my main site I collect some of the rarest spanking pics you will find,  broken into four category’s. These pics eventually build up other websites,  but on my site you can see them appear weekly and also appear in one place.

To start with I offer you my pride and joy,  my SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S pics. Every Sunday I post a brand new,  never before seen sorority spanking pic. I still have over 50 unique sorority spanking pics to come,  so visit my main site every Sunday and you will get a new pic that you likely wouldn’t have seen before.

That isn’t all though,  I also search for the most unique stage spanking pics and every Wednesday I post a Windsor Wednesday classic. These pics are then added to any of my three other pages,  depending on where they fall.  Firstly,  the main one is entitled WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS,  on this page you will get the rarest stage spankings you can find. These ones are so good that people camp out on my website every Wednesday like they were shopping on Black Friday,  ready to pounce on a bargain. Here is an example. Visit my site every Wednesday and there is a 99% chance you will see a spanking pic that is brand new to you.

While a lot of the pics go in the above folder,  there are also those rare mainstream spanking pics that I find. For those I have a separate  folder which feature known actresses. WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS.

And lastly,  I have one other folder. The pics in this folder are rarely taken by other sites as they are more playful,  and while all of them may not exactly be birthday spanking pics,  they all look like they are some form of a birthday spanking. So enjoy my final folder,  WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS.

Sailor Spanks

This sailor didn’t pass up the opportunity to get in some licks when a target presented itself.

Vintage Sorority Video

It is a very short clip,  but one that I hope you enjoy. For my entire collection of Sorority Spankings click THIS LINK.


Montana 1971

Yet another unique Kiss me Kate spanking pic.

Robert Goulet Spanks Carol Lawrence

Somewhere out there I will one day find this picture I am sure. I have several copies of this low quality pose as you can see below,  but I know that a proper otk spanking picture exists somewhere,  and I’m going to find it if it kills me 🙂

The main pic I will add to my Windsor’s Stage Spankings folder.

Serge Gainsbourg Giving Jane Birkin A Spanking

Found this on my hunting trails today on Pintrest. I’m not certain if another spanking blog has posted this one yet,  I didn’t see it anywhere when I searched the Google blog directory. Here we have Serge Gainsbourg giving Jane Birkin a spanking.

Too Young To Kiss

This isn’t a new pic by any means,  however,  in true Windsor style I hope I can bring to you the best copy seen so far of this pic. It is 1600 by 1272 and is as clean as a whistle,  a beautiful copy of it. Simply click the picture for the full sized version.

This is a promo pic for the spanking that is seen in the film “Too Young To Kiss” where Van Johnson spanks June Allyson. You can watch the clip over on Chross’ site. The guy who rips off everything that Chross and I post and re-posts them on Fanpix will certainly love this one 🙂

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