Birthday Spanking Of Old

This is something that has been around forever,  a girl has a birthday and she gets her bottom spanked. This picture is from the early 1900’s and isn’t a classic by any means,  but it is a spanking.

The results of my birthday spanking poll have been posted over on my spanking pics site. More results from all of my other spanking surveys will be forthcoming.

From Poor To Poorer

Here is a random collection of old newspaper clippings that I paid for. Unfortunately the quality sucks beyond belief,  but these articles do have historic importance in the spanking world,  so every now and then I will post a grouping of them. Here are four for today.

Old Newspaper Story

This is an old story from a newspaper. It is from 1934 and deals with a real life court case of a father spanking his adult daughter. Before the clipping though,  I want to share with you my own two story pages if it is spanking stories that you like.

My fictional spanking stories can be FOUND HERE

My real life spanking stories can be FOUND HERE

On my SPANKING PICS site I have my latest video interview with Dana Specht.


Some Comics And A Clipping

Here are a couple of old time comics,  one featuring Dixie Dugan,  and a newspaper clipping where it seems that the husband has a little spanking friend somewhere 🙂

It Looks Like Shirley Temple Is Enjoying This Spanking

Perhaps Walter Able needs to stop with the patty cake spanks,  otherwise Shirley might just laugh her way through this entire spanking. Other pics similar to this have been posted before,  but I’m pretty sure this pic of Shirley Temple smiling as she is getting spanked in a promo for Kiss and Tell. You can find the other two pics of Shirley getting spanked from this set right here.



Celebrity Confession

Yes,  Anne Murray of all people confessing to getting a birthday spanking.

Suddenly It’s Spring

I’m a little surprised at this one because I was pretty sure that I have seen it before. One thing that I have is a good eye for spanking pics and I am generally quick to spot a new find over the recycled ones. I checked the regular sites that post unique content such as Chross and Valdor,  and also ran a Google search using the correct keywords but I came up with nothing. So like I said,  I like to post unique content and as I can’t find this pic anywhere I guess it will go down as a new find. No hints as to where it came from,  lol,  here is Fred MacMurray spanking Paulette Goddard in “Suddenly It’s Spring”

High Lonesome

Just a quick update,  over on my spanking pics site I have posted some vintage spanking cartoons. I only post stuff that I have actually searched and worked for,  so there is a good chance most of these spanking cartoons will be new to you. CLICK HERE.

Not much time for spanking today so just a quick spanking pic from High Lonesome.

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