Leglock Hairbrush

Looks like her roommate is getting to the bottom of things by applying the hairbrush to the seat of her full back panties. Doesn’t look like she is enjoying the spanking much!!

Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife

I know that this spanking pic has been seen before,  it has made the rounds of the spanking world for a while now. What I am not sure about though is whether this version of the pic has been seen before,  specifically the added description at the bottom. Here we have Gary Cooper rehearsing his spanking scene with Claudette Colbert.

Valparaiso University Sororities

Here is the complete collection of sorority paddlings from Valparaiso university. These aren’t the best pics in the world,  but I was alerted to them by Mr. P and I was able to find them online. Like I said,  not the best collection but it is better than nothing 🙂

Kansas University 1954

A real picture with a real caption.

Looks like Doug Barling is giving Sally Rendigs a private boarding at the Delt paddle party.

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