Pic Identity?

Does anyone know the origin of this pic? The stock photo never came with a description.

Things have been quiet on the spanking front as I concentrate on my vanilla projects. If you want to check them out then follow these two links.

Gorgeous Pinups

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Vintage Americana

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A 1936 Birthday Spanking

A time honored tradition that has been going on for many years,  birthday girls having their skirts pulled up for a birthday spanking on their panties. Okay,  so I have no idea what is going on,  but I do know a spanking is happening 🙂

Don’t forget my vintage vanilla projects,  the Facebook group has really taken off.



Movie Madness

Once more I have raided the Ebay archives 😉  Here’s a hint for you,  just search for the word ‘spank’ and you will get a bucketload of mainstream pics. See,  aren’t I nice to the blogging community 😉

Before I start though, my vintage Americana vanilla site has started to take off and I am excited about the prospects of it. Below you will find the link to the site as well as a link to the new Facebook page that I created specifically for the site. If you like old time photography then you should really check it out,  today’s post is vintage New York. The Facebook page will be getting single pics every day,  most of which will have a 1950’s feel to them.



And to give you an idea of the vanilla vintage sites,  here are some recent pics on both sites. Like I said,  to join them just click the links above.

The Sister And The Maid (Part 2 of 2)

And now it is the maids turn to go otk for a good spanking.

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