Candid Spanking

Two surveys for you to try. The PANTY SPANKING SURVEY and the popular BIRTHDAY SPANKING SURVEY.

Today I was going through my archives to see what I have and what I have not posted. Now I try my hardest to file away all spanking pics that I have posted,  so if they are not in the posted folder I believe that I have not shared them before. You may find one or two posted elsewhere if I made a mistake,  but I will take the chance that these are new.

To Spank Or Not To Spank

That is the question,  to which I would answer every time,  yes,  a spanking 🙂

Not The Best Camera Angle

Here are a mixed bag of pics that are sitting in my archives. Now these spanking pics don’t exactly have the photographic finesse of Pixie,  but they are vintage spanking pics nonetheless. Honestly I quite like the first one,  just wish that the photographer had panned just a little to the left 🙂



Vintage spanking pics are exactly that though, you just never know what they are going to look like 🙂

Full Back Panties

As only the girls of the 1950’s knew how to rock. Spanked over panties 1950’s style.

Vintage Birthday Spankings

Pics 1 and 3 I just bought for my personal collection and while they have been posted before, I give to you a brand new scan of each one. Please take part in the birthday spanking survey below the pics.

From The Windsor Archive

Here are a collection of 4 pics from my archives, 3 of which have been posted on my main blog before. I love the first pic, while it is from a movie it reminds me of a birthday spanking.

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