The Fifties Hairbrush

Mostly used on errant daughters and wives, but sometimes used by friends.

Spanksgiving – Ass Up High

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Big Sister Still Spanks

Today we are going to have something a bit more modern. All of these pics are either late 80’s or early 90’s and they feature the older sister spanking the younger sister. Stay tuned for a bumper Spanksgiving day post on all of my blogs.

And if you are bored, here is a collection of Samantha Woodley spanking videos.

Vintage Male Spanks Female

Ebony And Ivory

Go together like over the knee. Okay, a bit corny I admit, but here are some true black and white spanking pics from the 1960’s 🙂

More Mary Millington Spanking Pics

It is always nice to stumble across a rare spanking pic or two. Earlier in my archives I posted stacks of spanking pics featuring Mary Millington both on this site and a different set over on my main site. While surfing the web today I managed to stumble across two more. The first one is with Tommy Godfrey, her co-star in “Come play with me“, and the second one is a spare one from the earlier sets that wasn’t posted before.


An Old Style Riding Crop

Work has got the better of me lately so I am a bit behind on this site, I plan on catching up over the weekend.

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