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Male Spanks Female Over The Knee

Yes, it is surprising as to just how few vintage pictures there are of a man turning a woman over his knee. Even more so when you figure there are a ton of movie stills depicting that. Anyway, here is a random 6 pack of vintage spanking pics featuring a man spanking a woman over his knee.

Judy Garland

There are two actresses that Richard Windsor obsesses over, and of course both of them have a spanking connotation to them as well. Quite honestly, I don’t think it is possible to have a favorite actress as a spanko, and not consider the spanking fantasies with them as well.

My favorite actress of all time has always been Judy Garland, but despite her making movies in the 1930’s and 1940’s, there is not a single spanking scene in any of her films. There is one film where she is being chastised by an older man and he threatens her with a spanking, the thing that really sucks though is that I can never remember which film it is. Whichever one it is though, the scene is great, after the guy threatens Judy with a spanking he continues to lecture her, during the rest of the lecture Judy pouts and starts to rub her bottom. It is awesome to watch Judy like that, sensing what that ever knowing feeling is after a man’s hand has finished spanking her bottom. After research I found out that the film was “Presenting Lily Mars”

That was the closest there ever was to a Judy Garland spanking scene in a movie, but, this is the Internet, and I will eat my hat if there isn’t at least one publicity still out there of Judy Garland getting spanked. It hasn’t been found yet, but I’m certain someone has a hidden gem somewhere.

Now I do have a couple of little gems myself, even if they are from the opposite end of the spectrum. A long time ago, the Sigma Chi’s of Ohio State university named Judy Garland their “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi”. One day when she was about to perform in Ohio, she stopped by the fraternity to meet the Alpha Gamma chapter of Sigma Chi. During the photo opportunity she was handed a paddle to perform some initiation ceremonies. It just begs the question…. “Why wasn’t SHE initiated?”.

In the second picture here she is paddling James McDonald, Captain of the Ohio State University football team. He would later play for the Detroit Lions and also became head coach for the University of Tennessee Volunteers.

So I have no picture of Judy Garland getting spanked herself as of yet, all I have is something that I think is the closest thing I have found so far. Does this picture count as a spanking pic? I mean, he is using the inside of his thigh on her butt, surely it counts as a spanking pic, right? Personally, until I find something better, I am calling it a spanking picture 🙂

The other actress who I adore, which I am sure many of you know already, is Juliette Lewis. Now Juliette has already received a quick 6 swats from Brad Pitt in Kalifornia, and she received an over the shoulder spanking in the movie “That Night”. I already own both of those films so I can watch Juliette getting spanked any time, so when I go on a picture hunt of my favorite actresses, it is always on the search for a pic of Judy Garland getting spanked 😉

Richard Windsor.

My Collection Of Natalie Wood Spanking Pics

You would be surprised by how often I search for new Natalie Wood spanking pics, I know they are out there somewhere 🙂 Here is the collection that I have amassed so far. Pics 4 and 6 were finds that I made on vanilla sites.

Kiss Me Kate

The Kiss Me Kate spanking scene that has Alfred Drake and Patricia Morison, the original stars of the Broadway show, in the 1958 Hallmark Hall of Fame TV production of the show.

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Mainstream Movie Pics

A random collection of movie spanking pics from a bygone era.

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