Broken Curfew

The 1950’s again, and this young lady is late for curfew. Well you know what that means in a 1950’s household, a well spanked bottom.

Newspaper Cuttings

The 1950’s were certainly a different time when it came to spanking.

The Wooden Hairbrush

Is there anything more traditional in a 1950’s household than a hairbrush being applied to a naughty girl’s bottom?

Thanks For Waiting

I will have a bumper post for you tomorrow when I get home from work.

Black and White

Just a small 3 picture set for you today as I am posting to all of my blogs at the moment. This small set I found was rather unique and I figured you guys would like a nice 1960’s set.

Mary Millington – Part 7

Here they are then guys, the final set of Mary Millington spanking pics. I hope that you enjoyed them, these were pics that I had hoped to find and I struck gold. Now if you go to this blog you will see a whole lot more of Mary Millington 🙂

Mary Millington – Part 6

The Mary Millington spanking pics are almost complete.

Mary Millington – Part 5

The spanking continues.

Mary Millington – Part 4

Now it is Mary’s turn to spank.


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