Breaking Curfew

We all know what happens to naughty girls who break curfew, don’t we? This Mother catches her daughter trying to sneak off to bed.

1 comment to Breaking Curfew

  • Beth Ander

    I’ve been there many times over the years with my mom (or aunt). They would give a handspanking, like the one in the pictures for warmup and then switch to a paddle, strap or willow switch. I, of course, kept breaking curfews and many times I got away with it, sneaking off to bed while she was asleep or too sleepy to bother to get up, go and fetch the strap etc. I took my chances, but my bottom got red and sore, say once out of three times. Sometimes mom or auntie knew and would incorporate the curfew spanking in other spankings that would happen soon in due course! Beth


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