Mary Millington – Part 3

The third of seven sets of spanking pics featuring Mary Millington.

Mary Millington – Part 2 of 7

Here is the second set of spanking pics featuring Mary Millington. The rest of the pics are from this set and both girls get spanked.

Mary Millington – Part 1 of 7

If you follow my main site you will have seen that I started to post a collection of spanking pics featuring the aduly entertainment star of the 1970’s, Mary Millington. Over the next couple of weeks I will post the rest here and in the last set I will post a link for you. These pics were discovered on the vintage picture site that I belong to. So sit back and enjoy the first of seven sets of spanking pics featuring Mary Millington, and Click Here for two additional sets on my main site.

The Sorority Paddle

I teased one of these pics over on my main site, so now I will give you the full set, plus one F/M vintage one to boot. Here we have a reenactment of a sorority initiation paddling.

Breaking Curfew

We all know what happens to naughty girls who break curfew, don’t we? This Mother catches her daughter trying to sneak off to bed.

The Cat Of Nine Tails

A really old group of spanking pics here from around the 1920’s.

1950’s Pic 6

1950’s Pic 5

1950’s Pic 4

1950’s Pic 3

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