We Love The FiftiesWe Love The Fifties

Something a little different today,  no staged vintage spanking pics this time,  today we are dealing with real 1950’s spanking. All taken from my collection over the years,  a couple that I have posted before,  but I get new visitors all the time so enjoy.

Eighteen birthday spanks? That’s eighteen to each cheek for you!! I have included a close up of the girl’s face.

This one I have always loved. “Don’t make me pull this car over,young lady”

Improvised spanking bench.

When the kids are away the adults will play.

Yet another birthday spanking.

And finally,  a sorority initiation.

3 comments to We Love The Fifties

  • Although not very sexy by modern standards,these photos are fascinating documentation of a bygone era.

  • robert

    lve those spanking pics from the 1950,s

  • Patsy P

    As someone who was reared in the 50s,these photos are a real back to past.I was spanked until I was 17 over my mothers knee,she always reared my skirt but never bared my bottom.My Aunty once spanked me in her backgarden in full view of whoever could see,skirt and slip around my waist pants stockings and suspenders there for all to see I’ve never forgotten the humiliation as the boys next door geared me over the fence.
    Funny thing is I sort of enjoyed it despite breaking down in floods of tears and wet my Auntys skirt oh memories thanks for reminding me though I’m now in my 60’s

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