Poor little girl is captured and spanked by two roommates.

Two Bare Bottomed Girls

But only one of them is having her bare bottom spanked.


The Cottage

Probably the most popular video I have shared with you, a nice vintage bare bottom spanking from the 1970’s.

Cottage by richardwindsor

One Of Those Rare Spanking Sets

This rare spanking set took quite a bit of editing to make it presentable, but I think I have managed to make it look somewhat decent.

We Love The Fifties

Something a little different today,  no staged vintage spanking pics this time,  today we are dealing with real 1950’s spanking. All taken from my collection over the years,  a couple that I have posted before,  but I get new visitors all the time so enjoy.

Eighteen birthday spanks? That’s eighteen to each cheek for you!! I have included a close up of the girl’s face.

This one I have always loved. “Don’t make me pull this car over, young lady”

Improvised spanking bench.

When the kids are away the adults will play.

Yet another birthday spanking.

And finally,  a sorority initiation.

A Lost Spanking Film

Look as I did, there is no trace of it, in fact it is pretty clear that the film doesn’t exist anymore. The good thing is though,  it gives us collectors a chance to search for a promotional shot from this movie. So while there is no spanking film to offer,  I can share with you a letter that Betty Bronson sent to her fans around 1927. Notice how in a matter of fact way she mentions that she gets the spanking that her character needs,  such were the times of old 🙂

Now there is no spanking in this next clip,  though the story of course calls for one. However, it is clear to all who watch it that Mary Pickford really is in need of a spanking,  wouldn’t you agree?

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