Monster Picture Post For Father's Day (14 pics)Monster Picture Post For Father’s Day (14 pics)

Here we go with a bumper update of vintage spanking pics. It is Father’s day after all,so what better way than to celebrate it with some Father’s dishing out some spankings to their naughty daughter’s. The hairbrush seems to be the theme of the day,but surprisingly only 3 pictures have the girls getting spanked on their panties. Maybe they were saving it for when the cameras shut off 😉 Hope you enjoy these wonderful spanking pics from a bygone era.

This one has always been a favorite of mine,it is like Daddy is giving her a playful spanking. Surprising because there aren’t many good girls around anymore.

She’s off to college,but not before Daddy reminds her what his hairbrush feels like. Notice the indentation in her skirt?

Nothing like a bedtime spanking for a naughty girl.

Another great one,a Father giving it to his daughter in the movie “Nice Girl”. I love the way she says before the spanking “I didn’t mean to Daddy”,but she of course did mean to.

An early sorority initiation from Daddy.

Someone is unlucky to have a birthday on Father’s day,or is she lucky?

But Daddy,you can’t spank me on my wedding day.

Breaking curfew gets Daddy’s stingy little paddle on the seat of her panties.

A flirtatious teenager gets her seat warmed.

I told you what would happen if you misbehaved during dinner.

Another bedtime spanking from Daddy.

Working for Daddy has its ups and downs. Mostly his hand going up and down.

Nothing like Daddy taking the traditional hairbrush to his daughter’s bottom.

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