Some 1970’s Classic M/F Pics

Uploaded onto a vintage forum,here are some scans from the old British magazine,Swish.


3 comments to Some 1970’s Classic M/F Pics

  • quickly round the moon,nothing through the window. This first picture is good.

  • Nic Kers

    Gorgeous knickers-down shot in photo 3.

  • Jeff

    Love the cute winker/pussy combo on #1,but I’d like to see a bit more fat on those cheeks,since it’s nice to see a bit of jiggle and bounce on impact.

    #2 has some of the best set of cheeks on the net —dang I wanna redden them. Her buttocks have a nice protrusion and are perfectly rounded,as in perfect globes. I bet those puppies bounce and jiggle nicely…yum!

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