1950’s flashback:M/F OTK pics

Not always easy to find M/F OTK pics from the 50’s,unless they were movie stills or from pulp magazines like picture number 6. But I have managed to put together a half a dozen for you. 


7 comments to 1950’s flashback:M/F OTK pics

  • Bob

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s,in our house dad didn’t spare the hand or paddle,even for my mother. I remember her all to well in that position although most of the time her bottom was bare. Skirt up,panties down and over dad’s knee kicking and yelling while she got her bottom blistered good. Nice pics.

  • Mark

    Same in our house for my mother as well skirt up and knickers down always. and that was the 1960s/70s

  • Bob

    Exactly Mark,and if the problem was major they would take a walk to the barn with the paddle. I can remember us kids being told to go to bed before they made the walk out there then (my one window faced the barn) hearing the paddling then watching her limp back to the house with a very sore bottom.
    Most of her spankings were given in the house and I can still hear her yelling like hell while dad’s palm slapped the hell out of that cute little (bare) bottom.

  • Kay

    What type of infractions would lead him to spanking her?

  • Bob

    She was a habitual liar,closet drinker,I remember her flying off the handle over almost nothing. If I remember correctly he made the first paddle because she’d gotten very drunk at a local party and made a big scene. I don’t think I saw her sit for a few days after that trip to the barn.

  • Do not you think- mom need a correction. Do you belive the spanking was a turn on for your mom.Even she used to cum again and again when spanked. The screams was not always for resistance- some time she scream in pleasure . Your Dad might be experinced with his wet fingers when he use to feel her pussy during spanking.

  • Does it not concern you that what you describe were not erotic spankings,but one adult abusing another adult via physical strength;&allowing children to be aware of it,and think it okay?

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