Mother’s and Daughter’s from the 50’s

For whatever reason I can’t make the pics clickable right now,but don’t worry,I am working on it. That didn’t take long,I found the problem 🙂


11 comments to Mother’s and Daughter’s from the 50’s

  • In picture number five she looks like her cheeks are blushing but I’m sure the red cheeks are not from embarrassment …


  • Xemxija

    Great pics. Keep up the good work in 2010!

  • Patricia

    As a young child of the 50’s these pictures bring back alot of memories especly watching my older sisters getting punished over Mammys knee

    Pat P

  • Beth Ander

    My grandmother was a young adult (first college student,then nursing student) in the first half of the 1950s. It muist have been the golden age of the hair-brush spankings! She got the brush for minor infractions from her mom (into her mid-twenties) and from the “house-mother”in the dorm where she lived when she went to nursing school. She took it all for granted and thought that this was the way it should be. When she her own daughters became teen-agers,not before,she herself became a frequent spanker. And my mom has carried on with it. Regards,Beth

  • rsmack

    picture 1 looks so genuine it looks like a hidden camera was used to capture a moment of maternal wrath

  • Jeff

    beautiful round globes on #2. Now that’s spankable

  • In 1950,my mom used to be canned regularly and used to have corner time with wet nicker by her Master- actually my uncle. He was the hasband of my younger Aunt and 6 years Jr to my mom.
    My mom always used to call her master. That man trained me to submission too and me and mom get training for 6 years together.

  • Alan Lawrence

    These images are from the 19th Century to the 1970s…An 80 year time lapse you might say. By far the best shot is the 4th one from the left…Top. It’s the only one that looks realistic,the exasperated mother,taking a naughty daughter across her knees for a well earned,knickers down spanking. This shot is German,from the early 1930s. It’s part of a series of realistic spanking situations. Moves and photos,using real mothers and daughters,and not models or actors. Few examples reman however,the Nazis burned tones of banned books and magazines when they came to power. The vast majority not in the least bit pornographic in the accepted sense. The Nazis would have called domestic spanking publications:sadistic. Which is ridiculous when you think of what they did in the countries they occupied. A little history lesson boys and girls.

  • Chelmer

    @Alan Lawrence. I found your comments on Picture Four very enlightening. There really is a difference between that photo and the others – for a start it is much more realistic. I’d be interested to know of any further information you have on this series of pictures. I take your point that few have survived through till today but do you know of any such still remaining,for example on other websites ?

  • Alan Lawrence

    I used to be able to collect rare spanking material when I lived in Berlin,Paris and London in the 1970s and 80s. As I say,I don’t really like commercial spanking art and vids. Most of them are well over the top these days,and some are downright sadistic.

    The 1930s image of a real mother and daughter was actually taken in the woman’s Berlin house in the late 1920s or early 30s. The series I saw had been reprinted from a Weimar Republic original. The photo set was incomplete,because most of the original shots had been burned by the nazis. The original photographer was a well known doctor,and a firm believer in corporal punishment. I think his intention was to illustrate safe spanking positions to exasperated parents. The safe o.t.k position may be obvious to us,not so back in the 20s and 30s.

    I gave my spank art and photo collection to my then girlfriend when I emigrated,not wanting to share them with nosy customs officials.

  • Chelmer

    Many thanks for your comment and the additional detail.

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