Man Of The Forest

It has been over two years since this was posted on my main site,so I figured I would also give it a run on here. This video features Randolph Scott spanking Verna Hillie in the 1933 film “Man of the Forest”.

2 comments to Man Of The Forest

  • Orville Reddenbottom

    This is not for publication on your website,but I’m disconcerted by the lack of comments recently for the vintage pictures. I especially miss Beth Ander. Where is everyone?

  • ddon

    hi rich,

    i met verna. she was a guest at a secrte sacred six. we had a 16 mm print of this movie and screened it.

    it was great fun and she was one classey lady. the spanking was real and done in one take. no padding but she said she didn’t suffer too much.

    she also had a part in duck soup.

    westerm movies,


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