Still one of the hottest clips I have seen!!Still one of the hottest clips I have seen!!

This one got deleted from my Sevenload account so I will share with you my Daily Motion video. I think the girl’s reactions in this are awesome. Not the hardest spanking by any means,but one of the hottest I have seen.

13 comments to Still one of the hottest clips I have seen!!

  • Funbun

    Hi Richard,

    What a tasteful and dramatic video indeed! Thanks..!!
    I have seen some photos of the same girl over the knee. I believe in “Roue”. Do you happen to have such photos of her and maybe even the video where she is spanked otk?
    Thanks again,Funbun

  • Beth Ander

    After she had seen this clip a couple of times my mom commented that it shows how very effective the hairbrush can be as a spanking implement. She and my dad were packing for a trip to visit relatives in California,and they’re trying to get by with just enough luggage that they’ll be allowed as carry-ons. Mom told dad that when she and I traveled by air a month ago,the hairbrush was all she brought and all she needed to spank with. Dad alas,told her to find space for the brush but also for the paddle and the strap. “You aren’t Beth”was his comment.

  • Beth Ander

    PS This clip must be striking cords,for I have gotten 4 e-mails about it,from an aunt,a niece and two girlfriends! Beth

  • tandy

    what movie is this please?

  • For me this spanking clip is one of the most erotic. It has all the elements,that I wish to see in a corporal punishment movie. Humiliation in raising her dress,taking down her knickers,to bare her bottom,and spanking it. Then having to stand in the corner. The spanking was made even more erotic,because she also was wearing suspender-belt and stockings. One regret,I would have liked to see her get 12 of the best with a swishy cane.

  • Paul Down

    hi Richard and all,

    Sorry but I cannot agree . I have the whole thing and it is ruined by the pathetic attemps of the male who cant act or spank. But yea the girl is great.

    Hold on am I agreeing or not?

    Ah well she is wonderful he is not.

    regards paul

  • Dawn

    Sorry but i found this clip very tame I could not even see any red marks- my husband gives me about 50 hard spanks on each side with his hand or brush-strap on my bottom and sometimes my labia,then of course he goes on to other things

  • doc35

    Being the dr that i am,i would have done a thorough digital exam of her rectum and vagina before and after her correction. It should have been harder. She should have kissed the paddle before and after the spanking and thanked him sincerely for it.

  • Canedane

    Very cute girl and a lovely dress.
    Good oldfasioned discipline,we could use that in our days.But she diddent curtsy!

  • Scratch

    This is my first visit to your site,but you’re right about this clip. That’s what it’s all about. Excellent.

  • will.a

    this clip is from another roue video,dorset cottage

  • Kelsey

    My husband spanks me because I am his bad girl 101 licks nude over the knee hand smacks I love it

  • jorge

    The dude is gay.

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