1950's Girl/Girl spanking with a hairbrush.1950’s Girl/Girl spanking with a hairbrush.

A staple in every 1950’s home,a good wooden hairbrush for wayward daughters and wives 🙂

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  • I love those old pictures especially when a cutie is getting spanked in the rear with the shocked surprise on her face…very lovely 😉

  • Beth Ander

    I was a teenager in the late 1990s and I can assure you that the hairbrush in question was still a real presence in our house! It hung on a hook in mom’s den next to the hardwood paddle with holes. And they were not just decorations! Regards,Beth

  • Trip

    I grew up in the 50’s and it wasn’t just cuties like this that used the hairbrush to “play around”

    My mom was a firm believer in using the hairbrush to correct bad behavior and I sometimes found myself face down and pants down across her lap getting my bare hiney blistered with that awful hairbrush.

    Happy to share experiences with like minded people. Contact trip.delta2@yahoo.com

  • Kelsey

    I get spankings still no close on or eny damn thing my husband and me just got married but we want a kid marry so I have to be the kid every day he spanks me 45 over the knee hand smacks

  • Eeyore

    The spankee in all but two of this photos is the late,great,Bettie Page. She is the spanker in at least one. Go to http://www.bettiepage.com,but be advised that are no pictures in this style on this website. There are other websites where her pictures are available. She passed away in 2008,but her memory will live forever.

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