1950's pics,a time for OTK.1950’s pics,a time for OTK.

Always a favourite time in our history, the days where a trip over the knee was a common occurrence!!

3 comments to 1950’s pics,a time for OTK.

  • wow indeed these 50’s images are splendid. these are all new to me. Amazing finds!

    Dave @@:)

  • Delightful,I want to do it myself…

  • Patricia

    I have to admit my interest in spanking stems from seeing my big sister get spanked by my mother over her knees. The sight of her long stockinged legs kicking up and down with suspenders and almemorieesl on view. I was 8/9 it was 1960 odd but the sight of her rubbhing her red behind as mother gave her a lecture gave me my first errection. Oh memories

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